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 NEW International Festival  in  OCT 15Th23  2016 

This new venue is now in progress LA. Folklorama in Oct 15th 2016 going to be held at allocated to  home cultural center churches or community centers  for each ethnic culture under one banner. This future event is scheduled on a special weekend ,which will progress in a two week yearly event .

This start up inner city project is in development brought to you by MGM. Branch Production Inc. Our project will includes services – by L.A Rail, cultural affairs dept. and the L. A.P.D. Dep. of Tourism. Branch Production support the traditions in a united format of our creation now on the second year The LA.Folklorama 2016 festival .

Branch Production offers membership monitoring and organization .The ads locations and listings are a Branch Production ownership and management. Over 10,000 thousand attendees are expected to Increase over one million in 3 years. Opportunity for product placement  promotions will be granted by membership world wide .

Your participation in “LA.Folklorama”  it will increase public opinion and awareness  to the cultures of LA. By providing positive advertisement to Chamber of Commerce of your city.

With this successful platform Branch Production’s combination of a committee and joining members it will create a positive act to our local economy (La.Folklorama) will be a main attraction to Los Angeles for the Tourism and business Worldwide promotion of  (LA. Is the place) such as in Philadelphia, Chicago, Toronto, and Winnipeg. Branch Production will be presenting international talent to Hollywood in the trade, organizing product placement, along with a kick start inauguration to begin in October 2016..

We are included will be a TV Show with our branding city. This all comes together of a wide opportunity to bring the International community together with Cultural Art projects, the involvement of local businesses increasing Goodwill within the 120 Cultures including City officials State senators Consulate and Ambassadors to this city .participation is a must!   This organization is in need of enlarging our committee to overlook La.Folklorama. How would you like to participate?

Committee Director chairman  : Williams  R. Morrison

Creative Director Producer  : Michael Gaston Mantero

Branch Productions P.O.Box 3306 Hollywood, CA 90078

Branch.productions@yahoo.com      www.branchproduction.com   Office / 323-317-3354

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