Featured Artists / FOLK ART / International Folk Arts / Mission Statement

Valley Economic Alliance

Why !! There are no international music and art festivals in the City of Los Angeles that integrate multiple cultures. Without question Los Angeles is an international marketplace for entertainment which includes music, dance and fashion. Our Folk Art programs are devoted to educating the public on the importance of cultural diversity through the arts .

The Valley Economics Alliance has helped us with designing our business plan and  advice from President Kenn Phillips who has empowered us to reach our  goal.We are in need of a financier and support for this city wide reach out project.

We will program ten different countries performing their international folk art dance and music programs
We are raising Cultural awareness with city officials  order to pay the theater costs of the events collaborating resources will manifest it self in a jobs fun culture / fun including but not limited to pride fun, unity will bring attention to the world  relations, program printing and advertising.
There isn’t any other company in the Los Angeles area providing any similar service.

International sponsors,Angel investors, and promoters are welcome to participate.

Mayor Eric Gargetti

Mayor Eric Garcetti Gaston Mantero 2013 

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