Mission Statement

Mission statment

Website is dedicated to promote the Folk Arts of the World

Native American Plains

Native American Plains

• MGM Branch Productions Inc. is dedicated to the promotion and showcasing of international folk culture in song and dance and we will combine sponsored products to interact with amateur teens and semi-professionals. The junior teens and amateurs will be sharing the experience of Folklore Arts. The traditional history of ethnicity is deeply rooted within each of us. Culture brings civil pride and sharing of the knowledge handed down from generation to generation. Folk art is a dying art and must be promoted and preserved.
MGM Branch is spearheading this monumental task by using our social expertise to organize events and theater productions. We will be happy to refer major entertainers and artists to our sponsors who are looking for meaningful and mufti-cultural motifs to use with their advertising. We are also empowering and encouraging young singers, instrumentalists, actors, dancers, folklorists and craftsman to work together in a united mixture of talent.
Our shows will inspire pride in our youth as we seek to plant this gifted seed for the next generation of new Americans as they grow and expand their minds as American citizens . Our children do their best when opportunity is given which translates to a honorable community, dignity and respect for family and life in general.
MGM will have favoritism in the eyes of the civic population which will increase the audience of folk artisans in our community. Our research show that folk arts also benefits social gatherings and gives new and diverse jobs to talented youth as they act, play and perform.
MGM. Branch Productions Inc. Is an open range ,using the collaboration of each nation’s ambassadors and consulate generals.  NEW project managed by Branch Production ,this yearly extravaganza. LA. Folklorama  is a festival  to popularize the local rooted international cultures within their open House location , and  “Tradition“ is earmarked for March 2016 a razing the Bar to the Theater cultural presentations.


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