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Successful Accomplishment LA. Folklorama Est. Oct.17-Oct.25 2015


We are on the Map !! we have achieved our dream .MGM. Branch Productions Inc. planed and created the first time in 23 years the International Cultural ‘LA. Folklorama festival in 2015  .

We begun with Oct 16th at City Hall 200 north Main with announcement to the city consul followed by distribution of flyer with 50 Letter of description of  projected event strategy .Were met with Consul men  Mr. Curren D. Price Jr.  Mitch O’Farrell, and Miss , Consul women Martinez . Our public announcement to City Consul .

Consolmen Price and GastonSupport of project came from Mia Simion , Robert Donin , William Ramirez Morison , Lynn Crandall , and Mentor Kenn Phillips John Bollinger .


OCT.18th : LA Folklorama – First Event at the Ukrainian Saint Volodemir Orthodox church 4023 Melrose Av. Los Angeles Event Promotion Sponsor ICE Sparkling water ‘there was Artist /Food /Dancing folk performers of the Ukraine lunch consisted of , Borsch soup Vareneky and kapusta with sausage plate for 10 $ prosed went to support medical bills of Ukrainian Vets we were honored to supply them with attention and promote the Culture of the Ukraine , La Folklorama partnering venue.100_7038100_7042

100_7041100_7040 images[2]

October 24th : LA. Folklorama  welcomed  Ethiopian Community; a Presentation was done Public Hosted by sponsor Sparkling Ice  to promote the folk culture of Ethiopia do to Custom and privacy we were asked not to Photograph Ethiopians attendees  but we operated location from 10/30am till 2pm in observation of Art of Ethiopians and greeted the public indoor.


Sat. Oct.24th :This was to be our ribbon cutting ceremony partnership with folk music at the red carpet Folk dancing performers to entertain and bring focus to the need of a Venue with the arts of folklore to the UNA. We were disregarded LA. Folklorama Presentation was Cancel by the Beverly Hills UNA. chapter ,and asked at the last minute not to present our talent and not to publicize the event as a LA Folklorama Event and only promotion to  UNA. Beverly Hills chapter , (we were out ) Last minute Results! we Apologize to our supporters and to clients that came to support Branch Productions in La. Folklorama  opening ribbon cutting ceremony ,we had to cancel our Entertainers and Afghan TV from broadcasting and the red carpet coverage ,our task was to support to the UNA with ethnic Cultural performers Sharing the celebration of the 70 years of the UNA  . Branch Productions still attended the Event and in Support of the Mission of the new UNA Chapter here are some of our supporters planning the future shows with the association .


UNA Of Beverly Hills

UNA Of Beverly Hills



Sunday 25 October  Final day of LA Folklorama at the UNA of the SFV Chapter we attended and support the UNA of the SFV Chapter ,with our sponsor Sparkling ICETalking Rain / Sparkling Ice

Branch Productions did join the San Fernando Valley Chapter , in a nice educational event bringing intrest to a Super star of the silver screen in the 30’s 40 up to the 60 . Actress Marsha Hunt   a documentary film of her Life was Displayed . She was a pioneer for the UNA and at age 97 she still has the power of intent to feed the Hunger and provide for others here are some photos.100_7111 100_7125 100_7139100_7112 100_7124


Barbara ,Mrs.Marsha Hunt 's /Joann Collins and Gaston

Mrs.Marsha Hunt ‘s

UNA Commety of the SFV

UNA of the SFV

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