Achivers of 2015

  • One of the Most Spectacular years ever2015 .  Supportive and enduring friends  like .
  • Mr. Gery Troy  his no nonces director and mentoring views .
  • Mr. Stuart Rosman ; Field sales rep, getting the word out LA. Las Vegas .
  • Mr. Kenn Philipps ; VEA. President .Mentoring Business Plan developer .
  • Mr. Richard Stern  :VCA. Marketing encouragement  support visionary.
  • Mr.John Bollinger; Prof. engineer visionary gifted participating planer.
  • Mrs. Lynn Crandel ; USC.Institute for Generic Medicine Art Galery, assoct.
  • Mrs.Maria Mia Simion Devoted assistant development to the folk culture.
  • Mr.William R Morison LA.Folklorama Chairman community reach out.
  • Mr. Andrey Sporeda Film prod. Providing support at LA.Folklorama2015 when you most needed!
  • Mr. Robby Gordon who Art exhibits won him awards leader in Art Culture.
  • Mrs. Malathi Benjamin Immigration Attorney Legal advisor.

This is a short list of the involved personnel providers a pooling their efforts to a plan at hand for Branch productions (Thank You is not enough)  Blessings will be coming soon to them who were givers with love and without pay,giving a personal gift that they have to provide for our community ,they need admiration for the eford to plan and promote the Folk Cultural Art in Southern California.

Join us and follow a dream ,take up the challenge with a hand full of good seeds we can grow a crop , this is the stard up of a International Festival  LA.Folklorama  and Tradition Show https://www.facebook.com/LA.Folklorama/?ref=hl  folow us at LAfolklorama.org can you spare $30- tell a friend Be positive give a chance to the folk art and become a member . we believe very strongly as this video will explain it self  Please view this till the end.https://www.facebook.com/KyleCeasePage/videos/10153244273433062/


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