Seeds Planted 2015 coming to bloom

News from our hard work in 2015 is cumming to bloom again, the goodwill has big potential, our mentor president of the Valley Economics Alliance Mr. Kenn Phillips   was gracious enough to feature Branch Production in this here video, were as Gaston Mantero visionary of Tradition show and creator of LA. Folklorama is back on track to bring back opportunity to minorities with what they love, the Folk Cultural artist in Los Angeles under one large festival .

The International Folk festival * LA. Folklorama 2016 *  this innovating project will bring Revenue to our suffering community and will provide opportunity for all to display  their origin Its time to act get Involve bring back pride to our city with the folk arts support us with a one time  per year membership of $30 dollars. register a performing troop get published in community activity be admired by your dedication to your roots and traditions be functional be an achiever become a better American, sign up to premiere your nation in your locality and raise funds for your club and organization, good for none profit we have the tools we need you join the alliance.

The benefits of our contacts are yours by a membership registration, we channel your needs to our board of directors and request get supported by the Alliance.

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