Author Peter Dutczyn


On July 25 We were surprised to have a distinguished Author;  Mr Peter Dutczyn who flew in from London, England were he lives. He came  to seek out for an audience with our founder  Mrs Nancy Eudokya  Prokopiy de Mantero.

Author Peter in a interview with Nancy P.

Author Peter in a interview with Nancy Prokopiy Mantero

Another reason for audience, was raised by  his mission in  finding facts for a book. Ukrainians In Hollywood that he is currently writing about the history and story of Actor Jack Palance. Actor Mike Mazurky as well as Natalie Wood ,the connection to Nancy with Hollywood and Palance’s private life are part of the exciting story.

Mr. Peter  Dutczyn’s interest moved to Vasill Abramenko a world acclaimed Father of Ukrainian folk culture. He was a conservator who lived from 1900 to 1986 and his legacy still in the hearts of the Ukrainians around the world.

Nancy is the last surviving professor of Ukrainian cultural dances. She holds the last 5 diplomas that Vasill Abramenko handed out to more worthy students such as Mr Temoschenko, a Dance director from Virsk. He is now enrolled in one of the diploma of Traditional Steps and choreography classes conducted by Nancy.

Mia Simion Peter Dutczyn

Statistician to the Stars Mia Simion and Peter in the book of Jack Palance

Mr. Dutczyn was introduced to Mia Simion who all also worked for Jack Palance’s family as a statistician.

The end of the day connected with  our newest member to Branch Productions journalist AuSTilo Handriade who is the writer of a slate of screenplays such as Legend of the Stolen Guitar which talks about Zimbabwean culture. Among his other anticipated works is the already published Dragonboat Duel: unleash the warrior and the forthcoming children’s book A Cupcake Named Dream in addition to the controversial Safari 82.

002As newly-found friends, Peter and Handriade are privileged to to bond through Branch Production and showed tremendous appreciation of the work that the Founder Mantero is doing.

Branch Production is grateful for the goodwill these international figures are bringing  to the table in an attempt to build a free spirited place to enjoy international culture and understanding with art, song, dance and food.
Mr Dutczyn flew back to New York to finish his interview and travels back to Ukraine Kiev. Another fabulous connection to Branch Production around the world .Peter Dutczyn / Gaston Mantero

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