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Mrs. Mona Lei “Geneva” classical composer



Mona Lei and Mia Simion


Mrs. Mona Lei Composer to over scores of melody sounds in Geneva has arrived in L.A. She is here in tour for Branch productions presentation of international artist. Her participation with Branch is to write music for Film, and for a possible play tour in the USA she was introduced to Mr Stuart Rosman, who presented her to several location in the Vegas strip, also  well she got to meet our Alex Romano a percussionist who played with the grate Frank Sinatra and the many shows in Las Vegas for the past 30 years.Mona Lei

Mona her stile of Classic melody Creator and singer she has a wonderful studio voice to enchant the film we are prepare for her return. while in Vegas she was treated to Mystere cirque Du Soleil were she has measured her music in comparison to the difference in style.   Mona Lei is a committed artist with Branch Production in a creative classical music for the international producers who like a score of melody to be created specially for a movie, and or concert or dance recital.

Geneva Composer Mona Lei

Geneva Classical Composer aranger

Mrs Mona Lei in contact from Geneva with Branch Production. More artist coming to branch for the Opportunity to Promote themselves in Hollywood .

We are the creators of LA Folklorama opening October 15-23rd and we need your participation as contributors in art culture with membership. Branch Productions mentors local performers to the stage with the  Tradition Show and LA. Folklorama an

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