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CAN YOU SEE ME NOW is not me

CAN YOU SEE ME NOW  is not me

 Speakers and panel

Bacic PhotoCan U C Me Now5

This is a program that is being planned to tour Los  Angeles, Las Vegas, and Mesquite. Topics to be discussed are (what is the true secrets of all of us) that has altered the personality, if not for the secret within, we could be potentially productive and successful. The problem exists within us, not to be revealed it’s a monster. Our handicap and our secrets lie sleeping as we play a fake vision to others and as deep inside we are not who we project to be and this weakens our inner strength. We slowly lean-to some one we think that will understand but,they still  abuse us and we retaliate as we lose self-respect and live with unhappiness. It’s what we choose to tolerate the torment of mistakes from __a job __a place __a mate __a position __a relationship.

This professional panel will help you distinguish your unhappy self.

Attend  our event and sign on at

This is a live program of experts, branch productions brought a team of panelist together on the subjects ofHuman trafficking / Drugs / Stress / Crisis / Alcohol / Abuse / Entrapment / Verbal abuse / Pornography / Neglect /Depression /Guilt/ Slavery/ Abuse / Torment / Perversion /Rape / Seduction . 

Our Subjects :


Veteran Cry Humanly/ The Random Act of Forgiveness / Stepping be on /God view to compassion /Conscious act of creation, this special event is for hire placing intriguing questions to the traveling panel helping the audience to come to terms of their childhood and adult hidden secret. We encourage interest and promoting healing  in your private ways and yes there is hope.

Our projects are on the march….seeking funds to promote our programs .

We are joined by author Rosalyn Kahn published professor in ( Forgiveness)  

 Miss Kt Feamster, Structural kind Psychologist  ‘Stepping Beyond ’ 

Educator Mrs. Sylmara  in Topics of ‘Conscious Act of Creation’.

From Las Vegas -Alexander Romano ‘God View of Compassion ”

This panel is providing an education to take a look against sex trafficking, stress, prostitution, human rights and topics like child, women, and man abuse.

This planned event is ready to attend to the needs of our schools and colleges for a wide range of spectrum. Our plans are to give and inform our international youth of the consequences of their carelessness .

Booking schedule managed by Branch productions. You may write to us for appearances:

Can you se me now at Mia 013

  Attention : Cassandra at

Pastor Dennis Lee
Pastor Dennis Lee Author of from here to there

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