Austilo Handriade “Scammer”

 WARNING stolen material files and corporation laptop computer from Branch Production’s office, taken by”Austilo Handriade” 

His volunteering  position, was requested by him as a  Communication Director : this “Journalist from Zimbabwe AuSTilo Handriade” has tarnished LAfolkorama 2016

 Warning to all Contacts of MGM.Branch Production,   This outraged volunteer is defaming the goodwill and character of  our company by contacting our friends, calls are coming in as far as Geneva and LA.City Consul, Mr Austilo is a human virus, If this individual contact you  representing himself as a Branch Productions employee  or making any deal or pitch his Film or book please call us to confirm 323-317-3354 and the Police and detain him, Branch Productions Property a Lap top computer with all information files with phone listing belonging to Branch had been compromised by his wife, now to be known as a MIT hacker.

 Back ground to Mr. Austilo Handriade

Austilo1 - Copy.jpg

Mr. AuSTilo Handriade who is the writer of a slate of screenplays such as Legend of the Stolen Guitar which talks about Zimbabwean culture. Among his other anticipated works is the already published Dragon boat Duel: unleash the warrior and the forthcoming children’s book A Cupcake Named Dream in addition to the controversial Safari 82.

This announcement comes from all of our contacts and connections hes objective was to Black Mail and Suing, by bulling with no reasonable fact, charging discrimination and creating false statesman he had abused Branch Productions trust and refused to return a corporate company lap top in his care, the evidence in his writing and rude written published comments to a cousin in England in charge of broadcasting his wild accusations has tarnished the hard work valuable time e fords of many or our supporter, soon Branch productions will press charges of possession of  1) stolen property 2)   racketeering 3) blaspheme 4) Black mail 5) Scamming  6) written abuse 7 ) Harassment  8) Defamation to Branch Productions will be filing for deportation revoke his Medicare Medical .

His were about is not known  we have idea he lives in Valencia California likes to frequent Starbucks in the San Fernando Valley. Austilo Is 5’11” tall/ 217 lb 46 to 50 years old Handicap on the wright leg with surgery markings on the back of the neck . Drives a 4 door BMW silver gray dirty, Austilo has a messy appearance and if or meeting contacts should call CEO. Gaston  323-317 3354  for arrest warren will be in effect by the LAPD.Van Nuys Department .


3 thoughts on “Austilo Handriade “Scammer”

  1. Mr Austilo stop Your verbal abuse and you attempt to justify yourself for the charges are mounting up against you, Van Nuys Police Detectives are aware of your Black mailing us with your Bulling Skills you have dissolved our LA Folklorama 2016 and we are cancel many project costing us over 2 years of work and you have hurt us enough now there is no way back for you this is evidence against you and your family to be extradited out of this country ,you are unstable and destructive .

      • Have you Had contact with the thieve Austilo I believe i saw him once walking wearing a red long sleeve soccer shirt Ill have him arrested the Phone is no good if I have no address view my new web LAFolkArtFest.com Austilo Destroyed my LAFolklorama Project

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