Neighborhood Consul Congress event 2016

LAfolklorama.org Display

Neighborhood Congress at City hall 2016

This was one of the the most illuminating events of the year I was treated to the City Hall Neighborhood Congress counsel committee lunch. Were we Branch production was welcome to pitch all the neighborhood members from 32 city in LA , our vision of a international folkloric day in LA.  the opportunity came later days with invites from 3 city Granada Hills 2) Van Nuys and 1) Hollywood.

For every ones information I Like to Inform you that the Volunteer of the City Consul  is the Door for the the people to Voice your needs in your community I was not aware of this and lost to many days and weeks making arrangements with out them now the Comity will star getting in touch to you the business man and the small business practitioner to reach out in our behalf to program the international Festival Largest in the world the LA Folklorama 2017.

Neighborhood Congress in LA.

Council Nuri Martinez in Red

 Instructions  from City Controller Mr Ron Galperin here in this line up in a blue blazer and gray pants, his guide lines were powerful commented and informative  with diplomacy, were Councilwoman  Nuri Martinez in red was short tempered and excited in her comments.   About 300 participated  this summit was to short in time but they were precised on organization Good job.

I want to part of this teem the neighborhood city Council, I’m eager as you to join it’s Free, help is here for your needs, these Neighborhood Councils meetings are ” Your Voice to the City Hall “we can move the mountain with the right equipment.   On another location I was invited to attend to the Canoga park Neighborhood council by President Miss Corinne Ho local resident were I got to speak to two old friends Jay Handal and LA. City Councilman President Herb Wesson Jr.III who only gives me a Minute of his time at city hall he Gave me 7 Minutes at that meeting.  On Sunday Oct. 9th invite to the Hollywood chamber were a pot luck feast was gifted by the Hollywood association Got to meet excellent personal like Miss. Dorsay Dujon and Mrs.Cindy Cleghorn and Carolyn Casavan these are folks from your area taking up responsibility for us.   From the streets at your front doors I urge your participation go to your local Neighborhood city consul and make a difference as I’m doing now .

LA.Folklorama display Table Our table was taken down Cause we Had a Membership $ on our banner, we are sorry to have botched the event still we were welcome to engage and stay with our promotions of LA. Folklorama

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