A Branch @ the AFM Los Angeles

Welcome and thanks for your Interest


You may ask why is Branch productions acting on attending to the American Film Market?100_8043

In the past 5 years we Branch Productions Gaston Mantero noticed a need to frantic Producers directors buyers and sellers from all over the world attend to this International cultural film event,  most are not being welcome to Hollywood but the rejection has shun film makers to  re cast   and elaborate their point  in a different prospective view of the USA. over 2 thousand arrive migrating to Santa Monica like the Salmon run in Alaska.

afm3Looking to hook up a good film, and to buy useful projects for TV for their country broadcast , some filler night movie some a theater owners promoting Hollywood films to small villages,  we at Branch Productions can be pat of this Gaston has potential in this field by bringing back Jobs and Investors to Los Angeles , our pitch is to supply the need, we are providing a service and connecting our active members to our sponsors we are becoming the Hub to the International Film TV market of  many nations.

100_8049Gaston Mantero had the pleasure to chat and extend the hand of friendship a welcoming the needed to support to the foreign market in Hollywood .


Our contact are ready to help support and work for the external film Directors,  we are now the Facilitators of the past rejected business by Hollywood for contact interest from Red Carpet.

100_8062Our support in presentations of Music sound track for films your individual need will be by our conductor and electronic engineers individually by master conductor from Armenia  Mr. Awo Jan .

As well as our member Mrs. Mona Lei 20151016_185142_resizedComposer who over scores create new melody sounds in Geneva for movies and shows

100_8065From : Foreign voice overs / Theater Shows / Concerts management/Folk cultural Presenters/ Tour / Fundraising events / Conventions  /new talent /Circus act /Display .Branch Productions International is your one stop friend in LA. Facilitating the industry with fresh new talent and ingenuity, by the international inventors and master Artist coming to gather to support the respectful collaboration through Branch productions
100_8072 100_8068 100_8060

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