Looking For the Holy Land Chinese film

Looking for the Holy Land :

We were treated to a delightful film from China, we were greeted with a red carpet as well as with red roses for attending it show care and Love for the art from the Producers and and the artist who posed at the red carpet to attendance CEO : Gaston Mantero from Branch Productions International, stop in to the Grand Premiere of this wonderful colorful film.

100_8042 Attended with guest and supporters to Branch team member from USC. Institute of Generic Medicine: Mrs Lynn Crandell, world renown presidential performer from Romania: Mrs. Maria Simms, our talented International star engineer from Armenia: Mr. Awo Jan, and professor Rosalyn Kahn author of ‘Random Act of Forgiveness” now working with branch productions in ( Can You See Me Now ) ‘is not me!’ .

About the film ? ; It was a simple story, Still ? depicting the beauty of the land mass of China what it is simplistic script were young boy dreams to grow up and look for his roots, finally at a young age of 20sh he makes he treasure hunting, looking for tradition of the past his travels, flowing a old hand written map of his hunting words songs of his grand father, he meets girl of the village simple virgin shy and acting with lots of simple talk, some challenges of the old world still costumes were nice, lighting was amateurish of the Lone Ranger stile 1950 sh, digitally nice photographic view slow moving but nice over all, Ill grant the movie for peaceful productions of 3 ***stars, well done nice family movie.

I’m grate full to the producers actors and to my friends for attending and enjoying a nice night with new enchanting new friends .

PS for the future ,We here at Branch Productions International, will be supportive in prepare the ground for International films,Theater cultural show, to be a Grand opening on a red carpet and will be bringing media to the event to publish it from our prospective . if you have a project a need to presenters, promote /advertise or sponsor please be in touch with us, we make things easy to access at http://www.BranchProduction.com E. mail Branch.Productions@yahoo.com

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