AvOvA Continental Electrifiying sounds


Branch productions is Honored to manage have discovers a talent unique in it’s upper class, such as ( Yani )  we had been gifted by the likes of Avo -Jan our branding and managing his rise to the top, his talent  as a musician  innovator of the only unique  instrument in the world that creates more than 200 sound of instruments of the world such as Sitar/ Accordion / Trumpet or Tutuk.

What is it ? you ask ! Avo created and is the master of a electric guitar that performs the sounds of Fife as well as Xylophone and or Tuba or Trombone all crisp sound produced in a program for his guitar, Avo’s electrifying play a virtuoso inspirational is undistinguished from any orchestra, he can fill the stage with a sinephony of 50 musicians wile playing all of the sound up and down scales of each instrument with one single guitar .100_8023

We are seeking to promote him in the colleges and library to give audience the close encounter to this wonderful exhibitor of electrifying energetic inspiring artistry  here in this Photo with Linn Crandell Director of the  USC IGM Gallery were Avo made his display .

100_8061 Avo and His lovely wife Lucy are native Armenian who had traveled from Poland to Germany to Canada and New York to find rest and tranquility for the past two years in California he has been quietly honing his craft and now Avo ovA is ready for his Concert  ARE YOU ?    for more information or contact with our artist contact Branch.Productions@yahoo.com.

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