This is A promotion From Branch Production for the purpose of Information to those film makers who like to Place their film on the router in New York .

We at Branch productions are not involved but like to Inform of Opportunity directed to your kind Connections around the world, this information set to us by In the Spotlight Withoutabox. 

                                                                                                         In the Spotlight, Withoutaboxcoollogo_com-238041218

New York, New York – USA
April 19 to 30, 2017

Dear Branch Production,

In the Spotlight today is the 11th Annual Manhattan Film Festival(MFF), named by Movie Maker Magazine as one of “The Coolest Film Festivals in the World” and as one of “25 Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee.” Beloved for its infectious energy and for its Filmmaker Revenue Sharing Program, MFF puts hard-earned cash in the pockets of its participants and ensures an unforgettable party atmosphere for two full weeks of movie making madness all unfolding at Cinema Village in New York City.

Director of One Last Drag, Gus Scharr shares, “[MFF] CARES about filmmakers and did everything to promote, educate, and inspire. It made me feel like a winner even before actually awarding me with the Best Experimental Short honor. The Manhattan Film Festival is at the very top of my list for future film submissions.” Celebrating a milestone year in 2016 the festival has had many rewarding outcomes in the last decade. Opening night documentary, David & Me made a significant impression in 2014 – the premiere garnered major media covered regarding the wrongful conviction of David McCallum. Since the screening, Brooklyn DA saw coverage of the film in the press leading him to review McCallum’s case. McCallum is now vacated.

In just the past few years, MFF’s popular Filmmakers Revenue Sharing Program has generated thousands of dollars for independent filmmakers and has offered each of its participating cineastes the ability to promote and track ticket sales in real time. For every ticket sold through this extraordinary program, 50% goes directly to the filmmaker. The goodwill doesn’t stop there, in 2015 MFF also had the pleasure of partnering with MLB baseball legend Joe Torre with a special presentation through the Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation that invited high school students to produce a short film about children affected by domestic violence.

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December 19, 2016 – Regular Deadline

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MFF introduces great filmmakers and exciting work to new and expanding audiences.

Manhattan Film Festival issues many awards and prizes with various monetary values. In addition, every year MFF honors three filmmakers with a Film Heals Award. This awards is given to filmmakers that use the power of film to promote peace, justice, equality, and humanity. All submitting filmmakers will be eligible for this award. 
Features and shorts are invited for submission – qualify your film today!

Do not forget be come a member of Branch Productions a yearly one time support of $30. will help the up coming projects of Folk art expose .

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