Seminars and Cultural Presentations by Branch production’s Support

Date/Time – 02/11/2017

10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Branch Productions Promotions

Our volunteers coordinators are collaborating planning and taking part in support of the deep heart felt event celebrating awareness to Afro. American History Month, with our members like Miss, Karen Marine Radio Host /CEO MDK Radio Show /Save America’s Children Campaign.

Our Own mentoring team from the IGM Gallery “Mrs. Linn Crandall” heading the steering Committee to the organization of this event as it’s attended by Ceo. Gaston Mantero , professor LACC Mrs.Rosalyn Kahn of { Can You see me now Project } among others of Mis. Mia Simion Branch Productions ‘Miss Jill Williams’ in support of IGM Gallery and (( Cassandra Williams)) Republican party running for the state senate Mr. Williams A Morison who have taken time to review the tragic imprisonment of David Dukes for over 34 years Now creator of (” Save America’s Children campaign “)and a Cultural Tradition supporter for BP.

Location: The City of Refuge Church 14527 S San Pedro St. Los Angeles, CA, 90248

The USC IGM Art Gallery, in collaboration with The USC Cecil Murray Center for Civic Engagement, Save America’s Children (SAC) and the City of Refuge Church have organized a day of seminars and cultural presentations in our second of a series entitled The Movement of Love and Reconciliation. Together, we are promoting stewardship of self, others and the planet to prevent and heal physical, mental, spiritual and social disease. We place children, youth, their families, health and culture in the forefront of all decision making.

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