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Slam Bam!! I was Gone


16265258_1276211739091617_2118714605315892759_nFor the past 8 months I have recuperated my corporation from thieves and lost of my project laFolklorama.

When you are a believer, and on God corner, nothing in this world can harm you, this came true to me up on my recent catastrophe, I have no fear but??  on a Saturday Morning Feb/11 2017 I was to enter in to a new Connection and out of nowhere a car involved me in a accident Slam Bamm!! were I was dead for 8 to 10 Minutes , then came out from hospital 5 days later with a Snapped of Leg dislodged from my Hip/ 3 broken ribs / a blood clogged in my brain, and whip flash to my neck and arms.

 screenshot_20161103-200802-copyThe Evil one attacked 4 other supporters staff ended at a Hospitals My volunteer and to discourage us from uniting, to plan our project for the summer ; my Sponsor who are foreigners are skeptical and fear Him cause they pray to a False Spiritual other and abandoned our quest in being sponsored ?? Surely there is a bright light I have seen it My Guardian Angel saved me, and it’s in charge of my other God fearing Friends and God give me Hope.

 I’m still  Here to share my experience with a battle of spiritual needs. I’m a Christian and will Honor that more than any thing in Human business, material,sex or relation ov this world’s Temptation,  I ave a passion and a dream God inspiration lives within my soul .

Gods branch is intertwining and its purpose is to bring Happiness to our society I’m a steward of this idea, and I’m one of his disciple of goodwill, when it happens??  it will be because God is behind it!!  if it dose not Happens then it’s because my faith is developing in something else .

13680980_1285928988106256_5052049656643942581_nLike a cocoon of a Butterfly you have no idea what kind of Butterfly will developed until it opens its wings and fly’s away.  God is Good the evil one causes misery hard ship Hate dislike /torment/ Di-spare/ Strangulates you from funding, he causes you unhappiness/ stress/ anxiety/  Distrust / and charms you with Your needs to divert you from the true God Angel Damion love to keep you in the Dark  the Night is his to command and he rein, control of this planet called earth its his domain .

IMG_20170217_125413I was Dead and Now i’m back Were are my army of Christian Angels we are doing Battle we are not surrendering we are gathering stronger in The name of the Father and the Son and the Now raining in the world the Holly Spirit our Comforter.

Who will join this army or Heavenly Angels!!  see our web at and or Sign up to be a chairman member up at

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