The Easter The Bitterness ‘Broken Branch;

The Bitterness of Easter is reflected by them who do not care and them who stand back and watch them who Opposed it!, and them who do nothing Not to be shamed ! for the past 3 years. I listen to all my opposition and I have done things that i do not approve. so I built organization MGM Branch and Failed and then Trident it to burned I stressed for 2 years with it for the sake of  of simple people but to many said take the word God out of the sentence, as it offends opportunity.

Then I heard take the word Christians out do not say you are one, cause you will be and the general public have resentment towards you.  Do not say you are a Republican cause the Democrats will crucify you.  Restrain yourself from labeling yourself to a Commitment Religion or organization SAMPLE the KISS Project—“Keep It Simple Stupid” .  Here is the Pay Back >I tried it and I lost …Here is what happened to me !!!!!

Now its Easter the 4th year I’m doing what God wants me to Do!

Many of you heard I had a accident???  On Feb the 11th at 830 Am / I had  Died on My Last Accident and i went to the other side Heaven , well  (the Holy Spirit came) and said I’m to returned and as I came back I went in a Coma like conditions for 4 days. with My Left leg Dislocated Snapped of my Hip Bone Joint /3 Broken Ribs ,and a Blood Clogged on My Brain/ Elbow Damage and Whiplash, the Miracle was to beguin  Hospital they release me on the 5th day, I Had no reasoning and or control of myself as i was readjusting myself into who am I,  Its a Miracle I’m walking and I’m getting stronger God is Backing me up and as I came back many now are in Fear, with my New out Look they Better; I have no Mercy for them who deceived me .

I’m Back to do good as always the majority of the good samaritans Angel came to see me at the Hospital and as guardians prayed for me,  (now that i’m back,) -I’m growing stronger in Blessing and empowerment from Heaven above; I feel this will strike back them who condemned me, I Know now there will be No Compromising me any more, I’m Drawing my sword of Justice and will condemn all who attack demote My God or My beliefs. I learned something from TRUMP My President, make your stand and Divide, He who is in the Middle I shall vomit him, So I rather do No business with Atheist or Nomads who pray to false gods; I care Not of the attacks . I shall do as Jesus said ?? Render of what is of Caesar > to Caesar and of them who are Chasing the Golden carrot of fortune Fame for the sake of Money; building treasures of the earth they are all belonging to evil deceiver Damion:

I want to be with the Light ( Jesus said) “Render The Spirit to the Heavenly Father and collect treasures in Heaven I rather serve the my One God. Like David, Moses, and Abraham, Noa, serve one powerful creator (God YWH ) its far better than being in the cold and dark cave; I’m Changing my ways I rather have the enemy kill’s  me with hate and envy rather than get assassinated with Lies,  Ill do like  Noa he proved himself at the end of his hard work, I’m a Christian Pon soldier Ill stand Knowing Im Backed up my archangel Michael  and the heavens,I can handle them like a Lion (Im Looking for Christians to help Humanity with Happy Projects and Family Goodwill clean Projects)  

I need your support In Cultural Programs and happy to celebrate traditions of the world here in Los Angeles I’m tired to do this alone i need help what can you do Have you a Calling for Easter or Pasqua  Christians send me a Letter of interest to Branch.Productions@yahoo.com Attention  Gaston  Please explain 1)what you need 2)what you can do and 3)what days you are ready to meet, all new members are wanted New outlook New Young doers /No Looky Loos  Lots to catch up . 

  Angel Investor I Need you to help out with office space location and funding its up to God and Your willcall . See LAFolkArtFest.com

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