Tamburitzans Tribute to Old Traditions

 Branch Productions is in consideration to bring on tour Tamburitzans  Investors Sponsors are Wanted by Branch Productions this magnificent amature performing troupe Masters this art, traditions of  Americans by inheritance, the love for the European African and Asian art is performed to perfection and revised by Consul Generals with international teachers from around the globe of it’s contents .

 This will be the inspiration from Branch Production in  California for student and adults alike, the needs is to allure  an unaware generation to a void the Cultural Folk arts, Tamburitzans will show a sample of what youth can do with spare time,  our investors  bring observance to a lost art of culture in California, direct from Philadelphia this college is one International incubator of traditions and cultures. This is their 80th year of existence as a specialty Ethnic education.

Bravo to the directors managers and the college to do this project a live performance of our inheritance.

 In years past such as it was in Los Angeles with <Bessarabia Romanian Dancers > Dir.David and Alexander Mikhail  <The Aman Dance Ensemble>  Dir. Don Sparks  and <Arabic culture> ” Almas” Dirc. Jim  as well as the Ukrainian Spirit Dance Company Dir. Gaston and Nancy P.Mantero the Highlights of history in California at the 1970 /80 and 90’s.

Still today students from all states participate Tamburitza and love what they do.   The new student body each year empower themselves in participating by learning songs dance and music of the old world, their personal hard work gets them summer jobs to tour the US Canada and the World as American folk ambassadors  generating internal pride, they honor the public that sees them and are favorite in the heart in their roots to young and old bringing the world joy to all of us former foreigners .

Fully costumed to original presentation the professors travel with the youth and produce a unforgettable show with love of history in America.

Let’s join In on the Fun sign up to attend our meeting at                                             http://www.BranchProduction.com or at http://www.LAFolkArtFest.com

 Coming this October 2017 LA. Folk Art Festival support the membership drive for culture we are independent corporation of people helping people

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