The wolf and the Sheep

I call this the wolf and the sheep meaning the wolves have been planted years ago to blend and mix with the sheep such as said in the Bible the wolf in sheep’s clothing ? has happened at the Ukraine to one of our known family and volunteer in Ukraine  this just in last week we herd this a disturbing truth we stop sending packages to the orphans cause there are no more 
We are reported on May 5 th of this year the orphanage was attacked by several roge 8 in number Russians speaking locals : 
The caretaker of a Orphanage living at the  farm turned a Chicken Coop stable to a home to House the orphans over the winter freezing snow temperatures safe house the youth  from the lost of their parents In the Ukraine, deep in the Ukraine 72 Miles away from the war zone.
I’m told 8 Russian Speaking insurgents violated the peace and tranquility of stress out children, quite unarmed Cristian family of 6 donating to the defenseless orphans.
 Bullying thoughts begun their assault by beating up on the Christian male family man with 3 boys the wife and only daughter!.  This farmer and family on his own donating time and efforts to educate and maintain the children from the burton of the War.
 This  Father was beaten and held under stress obligation to watch as they were raping his only 11 year old daughter Father forced to watch this occur at the orphanage grounds 140 Kilometers from the war so cal neighbors of town . 
Later that evening as they took the child daughter away, the Factual story is told to me only by surviving Ran away orphans, the caretaker daughter of 11 was brought back beaten to death, Black and Blue tortured in fun and broken dead body! they  Hung her lifeless body on a tree over night in front of the orphanage front door. 
The Freaky bastards scared and threaten the children, the same will happen to them!!.

Children from Donetsk orphanage sent to 74 Kilometers in to safety in eastern Ukraine. 


This Humiliating senseless Killing from a repressed trauma was to much for the caretaker  who within hours of the next day after he barred the body  ran away for his life,  taking his raped wife and  his 3 boys.
 Abandoning all 21 orphans, the teens children scattered with hunger the children abandoned all at the orphanage and ran to Evangelical church for rescue only 14 made it 12 are missing ages 3-17  we just heard of this 4 days ago  we are stund, Story told By 4 children under the care of a farmer assisting the orphanage with milk and some eggs.  The orphanage is destroyed taken over Communist Russians insurgents living within the Ukrainians in confusion  planted by the former regime . How can You help ?……
Please I do not whant to here your Bull shit”Angel Investor where are You ”  (I Need Money to operate) if you Have so much I ask you drop just a small amount to our Bank’  Not Millions Not stupid Dream but a Collective of up to “Honest $$ 100 thousand “will help me send Packages and Pay for the cost to a new Orphans safe Home posible to secure them from threads .  

We can help others with your funding us we are in the process to obtain a 501c3 and we can beguine the trust and assurances by working things within our small company of BranchProduction.com E. mail me Branch.Productions@yahoo.com Do something for some one else Sincerely Gaston Mantero

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