Artist Katherine Arion joins Branch Production

Katherine Arion

Romanian Artist

A painter, muralist, printmaker and illustrator, Miss Arion was born in Bucharest Romania.  Katherine  graduated from Tonitza School of Fine Arts in Bucharest.  Following graduation from the Nicolae Grigorescu Academy of Fine Arts, Her works was then exhibited at Galateea Gallery in Bucharest, Romania.

Her art’s first viewing was at the UNICEF Congress Conference and in a solo show at “Romanian Student Museum.”  Her student work was added to the Heritage Collection of the Romanian National Museum of Art.

Artist Katherine Arion works includes a technique of  monoprints from etched zinc printed on gold foil and colored by hand, a unique style of originality .

The style is semi-abstract, with colors like jewels, a transparent gold,Her amazing personal struggles are accepted in her Art style with abstract designs and colors that is a unique

Katherine Arion product not found in the art world ea

sily today.Branch productions Welcomes her to our family at Branch Productions as a Admirable Talent.

http://www.ArtArion.com  E Mail / Branch.Productions@yahoo.com  call us 323-317-3354


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