The Emmy and {The Star Maker} Harrison Levy




Attending to the Emmy"s and The BBHills Arts


EMMY are Here 2017

From Gaston Mantero @ the Emmys I found myself working for a producer of 20th Century that had a Interesting was to manifest himself to colleagues and the media. This producer expressed himself so well that I was joyful to be in his presence as a Chauffeur (Producer Director Mr X). The art of Expressing one self intellectually and to the point.

The Producer Director Mr. X was productive and in a way?  unusual way for derogatory still positive!!  he spoke in a educated and kind way!!  to level plan in strategically a how to choose the worth of the Emmy, a admirable way to ponder on a future of my development. Producer X was displaying  the character of some of the talent in a positive way and creating value in a fair command of his word’s, This un-bayous observation was open to them that had responsibility  being voted for and tally by the votes, the opinion of Producers Directors and special interest personnel were attentive in a gather for the Emmy votes, calculating the best result of the accumulated counts .

This moment I was in a conversation with a bright director a man I can admire,  I enjoyed the time spent it was orientation tip for me, however I hope when it’s my turn to act in my position ill be able to emulate someone of his powerful words and I may use him as my Mentor. I admire intelligence, it was a good experience for me, as Producer Director of Cultural folkloric Art’s I’m grateful  .     Planing to renew my web at BranchProduction.com and LAFolkArtFest.com


*The Art is Moving in Beverly Hills*

“David Harrison Levy ” The *Star Maker Promotions

Miss. Marian Ricci with David Harrison Levy at The Beverly Hills Gallery

Mr David Harrison Levy Lived up to His Nickname Star Maker he gather overwhelming amount of interest to his promotions at Beverly Hills Gallery , A stream of Quality Clients  and Supporters of the 44 Art Lurie Gallery at the 9408 Brighton Way Beverly Hills 90210 attended toMr.David Harrison Levi  Mr. Mark Polini and friends of Mac Africa all came together to Flood the Highly respected Gallery displaying the art of painting on this last Saturday September 23 2017  Interested Actors Dancers Producers and city diplomats attended to the event in support with  kindness  in this gathering:

Artwork sold % benefit the American of Florida/ Puerto Rico this Goodwill was felt by the participating singers @ attendance.   The Rare appearance of  Miss Korea 2017 adorned the night with her manager, as well as Fashion designers Of Korea Beverly Hills and CEO of major company  the media of Filipinos and Koreas as well as local BB.Hills press.


Real Estate mogul in Commercial Sales of Beverly Hills / Rental with his lovely wife attended this event twice the  attraction to art in decorating the walls of a office Rents the Place and Decor sels the Space by

Film Producer Claudio Invited us to a Film just completed

Brazilian Nurse attending Gallery Here with Gaston and Former Dancer of Romania Mrs. Mia Simion

Mr Peter Hofman and Levy

Bringing  a Comfortable atmosphere.

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