Mayor Garcetti welcomes Mia Simion at The Grove for the Holidays

Mayor Eric Garcetti Mia at The Grove

Personable and in Good welcome was a moment in time were Mayor Eric Garcetti show his Fatherly Job and  kindness + demonstrate  Goodwill to Mia Simion our talent advisory in this photo , we were welcomed at




The Grove were as per our invitation, security escorted us Gaston CEO Of Branch Production and Mia Simion and brought us to this prestigious event sponsored by The Grove Owners  a Christmas event in as part of the VIP to the event, on Sunday the 12th at the grove and we past the lines of 10 thousand spectators;


Soon  after these photos with the Mayor we found ourselves chatting with a old friend from the past our friend of cultural interest,

Mr.(Tom LaBonge) former City consul-men for the arts who was attending the event .   Tom Looked marvelous as he had radiated good self care, we had to have a new self y.

Tom LaBonge Mia and Gaston CEO. Branch production

Soon after you will see our contact in the Green Room and we had the pleasure of talking to artist Ruben former champ in the voice two years back and a new talent winners of talent show young teen sensation . Ups !!!Ah Ho Yes the wattcha ma call it Singers from with Mia from Romania ?? You figure it out I’m to old ????

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