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Wanted Committee Members for LA Folk Art Fest.

MEETING : Committee is forming for the

Branch Productions provides service to your Community in the business of Art culture, Festival, program development, Advertising, TV, Broadcasting, Film, Theater, Tours Show,Press, Promotions.

This will be the largest international Cultural Folk art Festival in the world here building now In Los Angeles be part of 21st Century Legacy.

Let’s give Culture a chance! creating a Happy Society Empowering youth with family values.
Let culture educate our society its OK to be ethnic
Promoting culture, food, poetry, music, orchestra, band, traditions of our ancestor that involved in our local community.
Welcome To____”Morocco”___House culture, {Just imagine throughout the 88 City of L.A County}.
Involved interest comes from City consul / Neighborhood consul / Department of Tourism / Chamber of Commerce Community leaders / City officials, Press International Products and sponsors.
We are all bringing awareness of your Heritage by assistance. Creating Funding for all at your door steps, in association to  Branch Production International.
This yearly Festival of the Folk Arts is to run on the 3rd week of October for 9 days continual, creating opportunity for work to youth and building Pride Honor wiled bringing, your Heritage and Traditions back to Los Angeles .
Opportunity is the planed for the people of this city caring goodwill jobs prosperity with food & Folk Art Culture . 
This is giving opportunity to All Nations to express themselves with history and cultures to our neighbors,
Discover the world locally never living California! we welcome all directors leaders of foreign community to respond in this task: 
Branch Productions International Owns all rights on this master plan, Uniting Nations with the Arts, Food, Poetry, Sounds melody & Music of our ancestors home.
Branch Productions International management promote the local business association, to help themselves in a Festival of all Nations share the experience join the Fun.
 Will be waiting for you to (Join us) we have our 
 (First)meeting on Jan 4th 6pm-8pm 
same location  (Second ) Jan.16TH same time
 Interested check this out LA Folk Art Fest. com
   Committee Meeting   
Open Volunteers Public 4315 Melrose av LA. 90029  near Vermont 
Send information needs to  Att- (MIA) Phone 323-317-3374
Send us your resume information Location to
Branch Productions International Po.Box 3306 Hollywood California 90078

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