21st Century International Extravaganza

Wanted Community leaders. Artist Performers Directors Business developers Producers, Mentors, for the International Heritage of This World.

Branch Productions planing this organization in providing opportunity youth in participation to enhance and improve business in Los Angeles. The Folklore culture of the world  in Los Angeles and community standing together as a force to Progress together  fueld with Traditions of our ancestors, creating Jobs /Pride Honor Dignity goodwill happiness opportunity for the will of the people of L.A. a promotions development BranchProduction.com.

CEO.Gaston Mantero &Branch Productions invites you to the Largest International Folk Art festival in this World; 40 city’s will eventually be a part of the Planing Committee of this project, Leave a Legacy for the 2018th of the 21st CENTURY

Please attend to Our meetings it’s Free.


This April  Tuesday 17th from 6/30 to 8/30 pm 4315 Melrose Av. Los Angeles California.near Vermont Av.

Lost Call Gaston @ Branch Productions 323-317-3354 PoBox 3306 Hollywood California 90078

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