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National Ballet of Ukraine May 18-19

First run event Good attendance to a New Creation the stars of the Ukraine performed with passion to a full house

My Review from Gaston Mantero


The Most interesting thing Happened on My way to the Orpheum  I had unexpected meeting with people from all over the world Filipinos and Koreans and Islanders Hawaiians Mexicans and numerous other cultural attendees unusual ??  Not one Cultured African American!! attended to view Ballet?  and few Ukrainian like Director  President of the UK Cultural center and some staff Few Friends I had met before , a hand of Russians  most of the Americans were not present,  the Interest in Ballet it Lacks in the American Culture (sadly disappointing ) I was intrigue in the plesetnes of the Young Student Crowd that came to support a Ballet coming from a defenseless country on toure in America,  the welcoming Californians were no show, but the ethnic student filled the audience seats and enjoyed the acts the dance the costumes and the scenery Bravo to the New Americans, as the Old Fades away the is Hope for Ballet and Culture in California meet with us Tuesday  May 22nd 4315 Melrose Av. La 90029 from 6-8/30 see what you can do for this society in restoring faith on roots and traditions

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