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Festival in Dubai 2019 a Branch Support

      Dubai international Festival 2019 Application

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our partners all over the world Branch Productions

Greeting from ZeryabEvents company / Hazem Momani manager Director.

We are in the process of organizing a festival named ( folk around the world) which will be held from mid of June to mid of August 2019.

We will provide full board hotel accommodation & airport transportation to and all internal transportation,

You’re Expense if interested?  teams must cover own visas if needed and 2-way air tickets to Dubai,
Each group will show for 5 to 6 days with high-quality recording music,

  1.  Note that Live musicians are not allowed,
  2.  Open costumes are not allowed showing Skin! 
  3.  Sample such as Hawaiian or Brazilian Nudity 

Story’s shows are not needed.

Only we are looking for a Traditional cultural Costumed dance show.
Daily folk dance shows is 4 sets x 10 mins = 40 minutes + 5/6 Days
Number of performers 12 people + 1 manager
Note: There are no subscription fees for the festival.
Registrations open until End of january 2019.
Please send HD video links with high-resolution photos to

Branch Productions Recommends that your intentions to participate for the cost of Hotel stay and Shuttle only must be compensated costume Dry cleaner & travel cost food and time to participate on this long journey its a Privilege to them that receive you. Be careful on these contracts reed slow.

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