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Can you see me now its not me!


Branch Productions promotes this panel

The well being of our upcoming community leaders with our help together we stand ready in support to self preservation. 

This is a program that is being planned to tour Los  Angeles, Las Vegas, and Mesquite. Topics to be discussed are (what is the true secrets of all of us) that has altered the personality, if not for the secret within, we could be potentially productive and successful. The problem exists within us, not to be revealed it’s a monster. Our handicap and our secrets lie sleeping as we play a fake vision to others and as deep inside we are not who we project to be and this weakens our inner strength. We slowly lean to some one we think that will understand but,they still  abuse us and we retaliate as we loose self respect and live with unhappiness. It’s what we choose to tolerate the torment of mistakes from __a job __a place __a mate __a position __a relationship.

This professional panel will help you distinguish your unhappy self.

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 KT Feamsterscreenshot_20160904-101006

                               Mia Simion / KT Feamster

Katie Feamster, L.M.T., B.S. feels her passion to teach, Touch and Inspire helth.
Katie Began her studies in Holistic Health at the age of 15, partly due to her own inability to walk, family members suffer from degenerative hip disease, osteoporosis, and osteoarthritis.    The fields of Massage Therapy, Applied Kinesiology, Energy Healing, Structural Ergonomics, and Helping People discover the real Healer within themselves.     In 1980 Katie join Chiropractor, David Balfour D.C. that introduced her to her field, to Applied Kinesiology, by using her as a Surrogate to discover what was going on with the Patient. She was also introduced to Colonics, Essential Oils, Bach flower remedies, for hair analysis.

working for Dr. Thie, D.C. in Pasadena, Ca.  was considered the Father of Touch for Health (aka Applied Kinesiology). Before passing away in 2005, his legacy began by starting an Worldwide Program, aka ‘Touch for Health.’ Designed for people that didn’t desire to become doctors, but did desire to take better care of themselves and family, which is still going strong today.  In August 2015, Katie became Recertified to offer Continuing Education Units,’ to Nurses, Athletic Trainers, Body Workers and Accupuncturists thru TFH.

Miss Feamster  formally started attending Citrus College in 1991, as a single parent ‘Woman of the Year,’ President of the Honor Roll Society.’ After earning her A.S. in Natural Science in 2000, she then transferred over to Cal Poly, Pomona. Earning her B.S. in Sports Medicine, Kinesiology, with additional degree in Preventive Healthcare Promotion.    Currently, Katie is extremely busy with her practice of doing Balancings (Body Tune-ups), Massage, and putting people in touch with the healer within by Teaching, Touching and Inspiring people. Yelp (Katie Feamster, Monrovia, Ca.), Google+ (K.T. Feamster, L.M.T., B.S.) an Facebook (K.T. Feamster/Serene Serenity). In addition, Katie Feamster has attended SSL for the last 6 yrs. Att this time currently active Secretary for the ‘Visions in Progress’ group.






 Pastor Dennis Lee Author of From Here to There13680980_1285928988106256_5052049656643942581_n

Pastor Dennis Lee

Pastor Dennis Lee Author of from here to there

Pastor Dennis Lee

Additional support from our members available speaker  


Alex Romano

Motivational Speaker God empowerment by Biblical human needs

 Budva, Adriatic Sea, Montenegro.

Tatjana Milana Nikcevic Psychoanalyst/Psychotherapist

Can you see me now? its not me!

Melody Jensen Speaker on anorexia










Meeting July 20th 5/30 pm till 7/30

 Grassroots  1119 Fair Oaks Pasadena Calif.

Meeting to know our Speakers and panned

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