LA Folklorama 2016 Canceled Oct.15-23

B.P. established first International festival OCT.16-25 2015

B.P. established first International festival OCT.16-25 2015

Branch Production offers membership, monitoring, and organization. Branch Production will have ownership and management of additional locations of any Folkarama Festival Over 50,000 patrons are projected to exceed 1,000,000 in attendance over the next two years. Opportunity for product placement is granted exclusively by membership.

With your participation and LA. Folklorama 2016 support the input will heighten public opinion join us and celebrate culture folk arts .

This will develop into an official City wide reach-out support project, fine-tuned to maintain awareness of a cultural identity. It will instill pride in providing positive advertisement to local Business owners as well as the chambers of commerce in the eighty eight cities of our Los Angeles County.
LA. Folklorama’s successful combination with positive input from members will stimulate the local economy, and be a main attraction to tourism which has evolved in events offered in other Cities such as Philadelphia, Chicago, Toronto and Winnipeg generating city income of twenty four to thirty six million dollars.

Branch Production presents international talent to the trade and organizes product placement with a “kick start” inauguration. Included, a television show in “branding” the City with LA. Folklorama, it emerges in opportunities to bring varied community/cultural art projects under one umbrella while increasing goodwill within the multiple cultures of your City.

Participation is a must!              http://www.LAfolklorama.orgbanner folklorama copy100_7082stick copy