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Chinese Yu Opera Hollywood at Doby Theater

CHINESE YU OPERA   Presents:  ‘Cheng Ying Rescues the Orphan’   Hollywood Doby Theater :   Oct 18th 2016 one year ago a begun LA Folklorama in 2015 , a way to commemorate the event i was Invited to a Chinese Opera at the Dolby Theater by  professor Rosalyn Kahn   the event was almost private and the costumes were impeccable. The … Continue reading

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Successful Accomplishment LA. Folklorama Est. Oct.17-Oct.25 2015

We are on the Map !! we have achieved our dream .MGM. Branch Productions Inc. planed and created the first time in 23 years the International Cultural ‘LA. Folklorama festival in 2015  . We begun with Oct 16th at City Hall 200 north Main with announcement to the city consul followed by distribution of flyer with 50 Letter of … Continue reading