Gov. Officials



(Ron Galperin) City Controller

Mayor Eric Garcetti


Assembly member ( Raul Bocanegra ) District 39


Kevin James President Public works

Adrin Nazarian

Assembly member district 46


Valley Economics Alliance Vice president MR. Kenn Phillips

100_6765Consolmen Price and Gaston100_6766 100_6767 100_6768 100_7134

William Rodriguez Morrison

State senate race’ Republican ” William Rodriguez Morrison

Tom Labonge

Tom LaBonge /Gaston Mantero on Art Day LA.

Greg Smith City Atorney

Greg Smith City Attorney

Adrin Nazarian Van Nuys State Assemblyman

Adrin Nazarian Van Nuys ..State Assemblyman

Tom Lebonge

I Don't Know who them R ??

I Don’t Know who them R ??


La County Property Assesor Judge Mr. Jhon Wong

La County Property Assessor Judge Mr. John Wong

Council Member Mitch O'Farrell

Council Member west Hollywood District Mr,Mitch O’Farrell

Adam B Schiff Congressman

Mr. Adam B Schiff State Congressman


Marianne Williamson at Peace Sunday & Gaston

Marianne Williamson IMAN C.Center Sun/21/ 2014

La Fire dept Chief Roscco

La Fire dept Chief Roscco

Stephen Smith 4 Cal. Assembly 51 Mia/ Gaston

Stephen Smith Cal.   Assembly 51         Mia/ Gaston

Mayor Eric Garcetti

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