Contact Branch

MGM Branch Production Inc.

All promotional packages must be sent to our mailing address:

PO Box 3306, Hollywood, CA. 90078 USA

We are NOT accept personal deliveries at our office temporarily CLOSED


North Hollywood, California, 91607

Message: 323 317 3354


CEO Owners of LA Folk Art Festival and owner Managing director of, Branch Productions International LLc. 

 we specialize in Folk Cultural Promotions. 


1) Cultural arts,                              2) Dance,                                           3) Folklore,  

4) Song,                                                     5) Musical.                                       6 ) Bands, 

7) Specialty Acts                                   8) Show tour                                     9) Concerts

10) Carpet events                                      11) Permits                                        12) Licences

13) Insurances                                     14) emigration                                   15) Investments

16) Artist Management                      17) Promotions                                18) Conventions

19) Corporations                                20)Foundation                                  21) Transportation

 We are a non-profit Mediator  managing  in need of funding to exist many experts are standing by to serve you  the opportunity is here review us : Traditions of the world in Hollywood,   E. Mail:
Mail hard copy to Branch Prod.  PO.Box 3306 Hollywood California 90078
New project web @  E. Mail :
Office # 323-317-3354  Direct cell 818-7950400

Cross Street is Laurel Canyon Blvd.

Offices are Temporary closed till further Notice

We are less than ¼ mile north of the Ventura Freeway

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