Discounted rates for Branch Production members .


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BRANCH PRODUCTION a Div. of                  MGM. Branch Productions Inc.

Cultural Outreach Project to California Community
Who should be a member?

This is open to the all residents adults and students ,living in California , the general public who is inspired to support Traditions of the World with the folk culture in California State of America.
How to become a member, it’s by simply purchasing a yearly $30  individual membership , this individual minimum value will support the International folk cultural art events with discounts and privileges as your reward in California .



Membership Benefits :

Why are we asking for a membership.??
Reason 1) – There is no funding from Federal Government City or State  ,the Folk culture must be protected by the public’s own good will.

Reason 2)- Los Angeles County has over 100 languages spoken and 82 International Consulate in California 75 percent of country’s and ethics are not represented in Hollywood media.

Reason 3)  This unification of membership will increase the marketing value for folk cultural awareness.

Reason 4) Public interest activity shows power of society within the city ,get involved  and membership is productive for causes,  your Support of $30- go to fund Branch Productions we create jobs and promote your Culture uplifting the moral of our youth .

Reason 5) Get year around access to events and programs at a Discount ,private gathering promotes Tourism and Travel to your Nation by cultural understanding ,receive special invite to fund razed non profit such as Project Tapestry and more .

Reason 6) For Only $30 dollars per Year ,enjoy the pleasures of Pride of discounted perks in attendance to offerings .

Reason 7) Who benefits from this ?…. Your children your wife who invested 14 years of culture to your sons and daughters you the husband who works hard for America peace and happiness in the family Tradition ,your personal investment of $30 dollars goes to a good  cause , our project helps to keep your Family safe from losing your history ,maintain your language,share and survive as a new American ,we  encourage maintaining your Traditions.

A support with $30 Dollars yearly not hard to do?? Cheaper than Costco / tell a friend a family and get more programs and projects from us  by MGM.Branch Productions Inc. supporting projects like  LA Folklorama ,Tradition Show, F.T.Awards  

Receive this free Bumper sticker show pride in membership to Culture SAMPLE

stick copyLa Folklorama a Project developed by         MGM.Branch Productions Inc.         

How to become a member?
1)  A – Sign on to the PayPal acct .@ and place value- $ 30/50 /100  ‘registration is required ‘ to receiving your membership card.

  2)  B – Send Check or money order to Branch Production Member : PO.Box 3306 Hollywood California 90078

Levels of Membership
Black – $30 Dollar Yearly will support the arts membership for the year. A personal token gift for the arts to ethnic Cultural Support/ 5% discount on Events
Silver $50 Dollar Yearly Support. The membership holder for Family of three – Up to two non members- two 10% discount from tickets to most of our upcoming events.
Gold– $ 100 Dollar yearly Support is our VIP selection and will be on our special invite list. The membership holder for Family of four with no waiting at Private events. Attend to the Sponsored mixers along with corporate party fund raisers – 10% discount additional 5% non members on events.

Receive your Membership card within two weeks of supported date  correct address a Must  on registration we are not responsible to reissue cards if stolen lost in mail to a incorrect address No Duplicates are granted no copies .




Active Members

$100__#Card holder

 *James Fritz  #05  *Anonimus #00  *Mary Cap   #16  <Anna Lee /Paul Kruyer> #013           *Rade Gravilovich  #08

*Baker Claudia  #22            *Don sparks  #47       *Rainny Kikanovic  #78

*Eiffim Gorin #37   *Caroline Actonia #03 *John Kolasevich #02 

$50__#Card holder

*Ninna Colins *Jerry Pinthus *Robert Sparks <Mike Mantero>

*Melody Jensen  *Herold Hunt David *Ignacio Ramirez

$30__#Card holder

Gary Troy #003     Alexander Romano #006      Stuart Rosman  #007        Mia Simion #009 Wanna Miskiniar #010 William R Morison #011     Cassandra Williams  #012

  Massimo Avidano #014  Anna Mantero #516  Oryssia Prokopovitch #017  Sylvie Langlade #018  Donald W.Hendon #508


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