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Nature, Economy and Equity: Sacred Water

Profane Markets is rotecting Nature, Conserving Water



On May 19th, Earth Rights Institute has the honor of being one of the co-sponsors for a forum that will provide ground-breaking insights to any professional NGO or others with an interest in or responsibility for managing, funding, using or caring for substantial bodies of water for municipal, domestic, commercial, agricultural, industrial, amenity, leisure or hydro power purposes.

There will be three main speakers at the event:

  • David Triggs & Mary Cleveland: they will be discussing the economics and management of water. Mary Cleveland is an Adjunct Professor of Environmental Economics at the Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs and David Triggs is a Chartered Engineer and Management Consultant who studied Engineering at Imperial College London and Business Administration and Management at Henley -The Management College. With extensive research and experience, they will show how a healthy balance of demand management and market forces may be used to ensure both safe drinking water for all in water scarce cities and the optimum sharing of water between agricultural, industrial and commercial users of water. 
  • David Michel: is a Nonresident Fellow at The Stimson Center in Washington, DC, and Executive-in-Residence with the Global Fellowship Initiative at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy. He has researched and written about transboundary water governance, maritime resources management, and water conflict and cooperation. He will share his views about the water ethics and policy presented by the first two speakers and how these might make a valuable contribution to a global water grand strategy formulation.

Following the three main speakers several designated respondents will draw on their own insights and experiences in water ethics and management in giving their input to the proposed reconciliation of Sacred Water and Profane Markets. The main speakers and the respondents will then participate in a plenary round table discussion on a number of key points and questions raised by forum attendees. 

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Eco-City Initiative for Cocody Updates

Annie Goeke just returned from Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire. In partnership with the Abidjan District of Cocody to develop the first Eco-City program to decrease carbon. This integrated and community supported project will be the role model to mobilize the rest of the city of Abidjan, the Cote d’Ivoire and West Africa.
This 4 point program consists of
1. Carbon sequestration, improve environment both land and lagoon, restore and reforest.
2. Reduce usage of fossil fuel
3. Sensitize the 4M population of Cocody to become greener
4. Well-being and sanitation This partnership we launched is a very important project to fight against poverty and global warming.
This project is supported by the Ivorian Ministries of the Interior and the Environment, and also by institutional donors such as UNEP, UNDP, FEM, GEF and more. I am looking for companies, sensitive to the fight against global warming and / or close to the Ivory Coast which could find their interest in financially supporting this project!

To learn more about this exciting project just give us a click! We at Earth Rights Institute believe that the Earth is the birthright of ALL people. This Earth Day let’s make a World of Difference together!

Please join us at the NYC Green Festival Expo on June 10th and 11th at the Javits Convention Center, Hall 1B. ERI will have a booth both days!

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Please join us in celebrating October as National Arts and Humanities Month. President Obama has already kicked things off by issuing an official White House Proclamation that articulates the importance of the arts and culture in our history and in our future.

Here’s how you can promote the arts and culture:




Branch Production Chief of Communications The AuSTilo Handriade was down with the hommies and the gorgeous ladies Saturday afternoon. Well, Mayor Garcetti being Mayor Garcetti packed them ladies on that small street like a Hussein Bolt packed them in his hotel room. But this was different business right here. The Mayor called my CEO of Branch Production Gaston Mantero, and by the way Mantero I don’t like him because he is from the same hood with Lionel Messi and you know the beef I got with him over what he did to the Gooners Arsenal last European Champions League. I hate him with a vengeance!!!
So Mayor Garcetti tries to solace me with talk like, “AuSTilo you are my hommie from Harare and I been to Bulawayo too, so can you come down and make me some sadza?” I’m like you know what Mr. Mayor, the sadza can wait, I got some major beef with you. And he says what beef/ Go pour your grievances over there, you see that boy from Iheart Radio, DJ James Jefferson. He is funny as heck be careful you may end up forgetting your beef after he makes you laugh so hard” So I say ok, maybe I don’t want to start with him, how about I vent to Curren D. Price, that’s your boy too, right?” And he says, “Yeah.”
I don’t go to Price, heck no, he looks kind of tough. So I spot a weak link, the one kicking it with the kids Chief of Staff Arturo Chavez. This is the one I can tackle easy, no bones broken. Ok, Mr. Chief what’s up with the homeless situation? I see Seattle has appointed a Homeless Czar, what about us on the Gold Coast? Plus all the kids with Autism? Chief Chavez assures me City Hall is on top of its game.
Well, the thing is Mayor Garcetti is no dummy, he knows what’s up 24 hours a day. If there is a Mayor who kicks butt when it comes to handling the business this is your 24-hour Mayor all day long.
He packed all these people here on this lovely afternoon for a reason. First of all he was here to show that he is busy flexing his muscles at City Hall trying to create some magic. He had the evidence too, like when he pulled Ruben out of Highland Park to showcase what financing of small business is doing in the City of Angels. Look up Devon Glass & Mirror on 5320 North Figueroa Street, Highland Park, California 90042. Now what the Mayor didn’t know was that the street was packed with all kinds of business folk sharpening their knives for a slice of what’s coming out of the City Hall oven. James Westbrooks the District Director said hold up people we know you are here and we will take care of you
I looked at Christopher Holman, U.S. Small Business Administration Specialist. He shrugged his shoulders and said it’s not me, ask Luis Luna over there at ICON. Luna said don’t look at me either, go talk to Lisa Winkle over there, maybe she knows more. So now I hear from Winkle that yes some things are indeed popping over the next 18 months and it’s going to be a Bam Rush torrent of prosperity right here. Me being The AuSTilo from Mbare, I don’t stop there. Mayor Garcetti has provided me plenty of sources to verify this awesome news. I tell Mantero you better hop on to this and ask for assistance with our Folkorama International Arts Festival Funding. We are in the right spot cous, go over there and say something.
So Gaston hops off to talk to Veronica Barragan, Business and Tax Consultant on 5317 N. Figueroa Street, Suite #11, Los Angeles, CA 90042. Barragan is in no mood to waste time because she wants to go eat some of that succulent corn on the Cobb the Mayor has spread out. Heck yeah, we was grubbing too, and drinking some of that juice. She breaks it all down for Mantero, how to file the taxes and everything. Is Mantero satisfied? He says not so fast. So I say ok, go over there and get a word from Matt Chimento, VEDC Social Media Coordinator. Hey, if it aint snapcatted, Instagrammed, Facebooked, Twitted or shows some Pininterest then it aint popping like my daughter says.
Now Mantero attacks Alex Comisar, Communications Manager in the Mayor’s yard. It’s about to pop off right here. Comisar rolls his sleeves and says, “Look Mantero, we are about to witness a game-changer right about now in this great City of Angels. Why don’t you guys come on down and we can break it down for you in greater detail? Have your people talk to our people and Bob is your Uncle.”

Right about now I’m thinking this Mayor is undefeatable is he? Trying to pull a Moneyweather 47- in –all isn’t he? Maybe he is going to trip on this Small Business game and bring dismay to the small business people gathered here. I hear Jasmine “JB” Bina of J.B Communications LLC whispering, “Hey AuSTilo, its real talk, otherwise I wouldn’t waste my manicure and pedicure time coming here. We are in for some major small business development shakeup.”
Alvaro Bermudez is looking on as Mantero looks all gooey and smiling. I say man, Im hungry, besides I can’t find my car key you stay right here let me hop on this street and go find my key. But Mantero still aint thinking about my key. He pins down Claudia Biezonsky, Senior Manager at INROADS, Inc. Now what more proof do you need if you have Mayor Garcetti pulling Biezonsky all the way out of Santa Fe Springs? This right here folks is a harbinger for some wonderful trickle up business goings on from the outstanding Mayor. If there is one thing I take my hat off to Mayor Garcetti for is his tenacity to fix things. What I have learned in the short years I have observed him is that effort is non-negotiable with him

. He is one helluva Mayor who thinks success, eats success, breathes success and his whole body language is like hey dude lets get it done every time. He doesn’t have to make you smile, that silly boy smile knocks folks out every time. He is so determined like this dude right here:

Today he fed us, he brought in a gang of wonderful ladies, a ton of hard working businessmen, his hard working staff, of course the security detail was like hey we are with him in case this AuSTilo might try to pull some African juju trick on our Mayor. I said chill out guys, Ruth Garcia-Corrales got her two cents to add to this conversation. I see Mantero has been trying to grab her attention and keeps winking at her to talk about Folkorama International Arts Festival. So he seizes the chance the minute she gets up to go get a bite to eat. He pour his heart and soul out why things are moving slow, how City Hall is dragging its feet on supporting the Festival, how time is running out and there is a threat the Festival may not happen this year.
Garcia-Corrales is with City of Angeles Business Source West Valley Region. She in no novice when it comes to understanding that indeed time is money. She promises to do everything in her power to help in any way she can to get this great Festival on track. Does Mantero doubt her? Not in the least and he trots away smiling. But before he yells at me to giddy up because we have another appointment in Pasadena, he makes one last stop. He pulls a very willing Stacy Maxwell to the side. Im still busy frantically searching for my car key and get into an argument with Pat, our Branch Production Secretary about how and why I lost my key. But Maxwell’s conversation with Mantero is right under my nose. Time Warner Business Class is there for us, he promises. We have to go see him in his office, maybe he can beat Mayor Garcetti when it comes to pulling in more gorgeous ladies, a bigger lunch buffet, a lot of small businesses too. He is right there on 550 N Continetal Blvd, El Segundo, CA 90245. El Segundo, I ask? Are we going to meet Kobe Bryant too? Maybe Maxwell is just trying to beat Mayor Garcetti to prove a point. We all know that this is a dead heat race in this town to prop up small business and as long as the DJ Jefferson keeps it popping, my daughter is right to say that when Mayor Garcetti pulls folks in from all over the place, his sh&* is indeed popping.
The AuSTilo wa Rona kuze kuyawya