Mr. Massi Furlan International Actor Italian academy of art:

Sherry Puorto /Stewart Rosman

Actor Jeff Goldbloom

Jeff Goldbloom Gaston at Hollywood Jazz Night

Actor Emmy winner Lauren F. Jones at the Hermosa Beach Film Award

Actor Emmy winner Lauren F. Jones at the Hermosa Beach Film Award

 Promotion Cant_Move_On

Gaston / Mia / Massi / Hyd /Stuart at the premiere of MGM Branch promotion Hollywood

 Premiere Cant_Move_On

Gaston /Stuart/ Balinda/ Drct. Andrey/ Mia at the Hollywood premiere of Can’t move On

Owner and CEO of Neon

CEO Neon Energy Drink

John B Barrymore

Mr John B Barrymore and David Harrison Levy at Sue Wong’s

Lori Downey jr. Mia Simion

Lorry Downey Jr. Gaston ,Mia Simion at the After party Wolkinos AFM Santa Monica

Lisa Brando

Fashion Desighner Favio

Daniella Brazil


Cage fighting Champion Mexican American ( Red Dog)

Judy Comedian

At the Warner Brothers Studios Lot with Judy Known for her accordion and Jokes Me Gaston dressed up Like Peppe Le’Pewww

Art Labowe

Famous Radio Announcer Art Labowe specialist in Oldy but Goody sounds of our Past Party event at Jim Myron’s Home

Mr Prasanna


 Hovhannes Babakhanyan

Armenian character Actor over 35 Films Mr. Hovhannes Babakhanyan

MGM.Branch Presents (Cant_Move_On)_

Manager Stuart Rosman discover talent Sherry Porto at our premier of ‘Can’t Move On’ Film Debut Hollywood



Frivolous ( FABIO) Oscar award after party

Mr Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson shaking hands with Gaston Mantero at the Red Carpet

MR. Gaston Gallo Producer (El Gato Negro )

MR. Gaston Gallo Producer (El Gato Negro ) Argentine Film Producer at the Hermosa Beach Film Fest 2014

Mr. Moses Mpanga

Mr Moses Mpanga CEO. Pan Africa Trade and services at Msr. Dlamini Zumas conference Los Angeles

004Bond AniekerShre lanka (12)Branch Prod/Star Prime


Marianne Williamson advocate


Ron GalPerin LA.City controller @ Tom Bradley Office


Fashion By Suewong

Nigerian Project manager

Nigerian( Theater Mania) Director Mr. Alayande Stephen and Africa TV Co Host Mr. Obinha at the AFM Santa Monica

bb hills 7 24 14 007

Ronna Roberts Int.

Nancy Prokopiy Dance director Ukrainian Spirit Dance Mom & Mrs Roberts Cultural Librarian

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